MONDIALE is a global service provider that can support clients in multiple differing ways.  The services range from facilities maintenance, through to transportation and security services.

Facilities Maintenance

MONDIALE understands the need for high quality service provision being undertaken at competitive and affordable rates.  The combination of experience and resources within the organization enables the Group to ensure that all clients’ SLAs are not only adhered to but bettered.


All aspects of management are critical to the ongoing viability of the facility.  Managing the expectations of the users, to constant health and safety audits and improvements through to undertaking routine preventative maintenance are amongst the services that MONDIALE provide.

Personnel Transportation Services

MONDIALE provides a range of transportation for clients’ regular and one off requirements. These include services for hotels, restaurants, retailers, retail outlets and service companies with a large head count that require dedicated daily commuting services as well as providing park & ride facilities.


MONDIALE provides bespoke services for one off events all over the world ranging from ultra luxury services to standard limousine one off requirements.

Security Services

MONDIALE offers a range of asset security services that incorporates the latest in both physical and digital security solutions ensuring that assets, facilities and personnel are monitored and protected at all times.


MONDIALE’s asset protection solutions can be used for both permanent structures and facilities as well as temporary buildings or projects.