(Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) MONDIALE is a recognized leading Procurement Service Provider. We supplement client resources with professional procurement outsourcing, market research, strategic sourcing and spend management services.

Technical Procurement

MONDIALE’s technical procurement team is well versed in all aspects of the procurement cycle from strategic sourcing, contract negotiation, bid tendering and all other related processes required to ensure that all technical and quality needs are adhered to.


A technical procurement process can be complicated and lengthy and often involves negotiations with multiple suppliers in numerous languages and time zones.  MONDIALE’s “follow the sun” procurement process ensures that the sourcing, purchasing and delivery of components are managed in the most efficient and effective way possible.


MONDIALE’s delivery capability is designed around a delivered duty paid process enabling the client to procure an internationally sourced product in a local environment.


MONDIALE’s global logistics team is highly experienced in all aspects of international freight and customs clearances ensuring 100% compliance with IATA shipping rules and obligations including the management of dangerous goods and controlled items.


MONDIALE’s team routinely provides hand delivered and chartered delivered services for the most urgent and critical supply chain needs.

Installation, Repair or Overhaul

MONDIALE repair services provide our customers with a one stop return to operation path ensuring certified replacement or overhaul of compromised equipment. With repair centres based in multiple locations MONDIALE can ensure a time efficient repair / overhaul ensuring that re-conditioned parts are returned to clients in the fastest time possible