MONDIALE uses technological innovations and digital solutions to maximize efficiencies across all activities and all industries that the Group operates within.

UVS – Unmanned Vehicles

UVS have multiple functions in the air, underwater and on land.  They can provide detailed optical imagery in places where it is either unsafe and / or uneconomical for manned surveys to be undertaken with greater consistency and reliability of results.  By using a range of camera types UVS can detect many forms of damage and structural abnormalities that may be detrimental to the ongoing operational capability of plant or machinery.


UVS can significantly enhance the efficiency of the supply chain enabling remote location deliveries in places where manned deliveries are again either unsafe and / or uneconomical.


For businesses running a fleet of vehicles, MONDIALE's Telematics is a powerful solution for accessing information that can help you manage your fuel costs and keep both your vehicles and drivers working efficiently.


By installing the small telematics box in your vehicles, you can keep track of your vehicles and drivers at all times from your portal; through which you will receive up to the minute information. MONDIALE’s Telematics solution is one of the most affordable and comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions on the market and provides businesses with an all important competitive edge.


Through the use of both satellite and terrestrial links MONDIALE is able to provide solutions in densely populated locations as well as remote field locations.

Location Services

Through the use of RTLS (Real-Time Location Service) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies MONIDALE is able to offer a range of asset and personal tracking and location services.


With ever changing technologies and enhanced functionality MONDIALE is able to offer a range of service levels depending on the client’s requirements.  MONDIALE constantly provides technological updates to its clients keeping them abreast with all market innovations and the options available to them.