mondiale is a diversified industrial conglomerate of companies with a global reach offering a range of products and services through six core business units. from its corporate headquarters in Singapore. MONDIALE is operationally present in numerous global hubs as well as some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations.

Industries & Sectors

MONDIALE creates intelligent solutions across numerous industries & sectors, assisting companies to manage their business productivity, increase their operational efficiency and ultimately enhance their bottom line.

Activities & Businesses

MONDIALE’s six core activities provide an array of products, services and solutions to multiple industries and sectors globally.

Global Reach

MONDIALE operates on a global basis with offices based in the every  continents.


MONDIALE designs, fabricates and supplies a range of steel products that provide retailers with competitively priced consumer good that incorporate the highest technical standards and designs ensuring that retail end users have access to industrial quality.

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United Nations Global Compact

We are pleased to confirm that MONDIALE Group supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. While we have always acted in accordance with the core values represented by UNGC, we are proud to formalize our commitment to its principles. Through that commitment, we express our intent to implement and make the principles part of the strategy, culture, and day to day operations of our company. We also seek to engage and look forward to collaborative projects which advance the broad development of the goals of the United Nations around the world.

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